Girls Inc. is incredibly thankful for the generosity of our supporters.

Shasta Regional Community Foundation

Girls Inc. of the Northern Sacramento Valley would not be able to function without the generous support of community members and corporate contributions. With your help, we can: increase the number of girls we serve, train staff in program delivery, and continue to provide resources and support for North State girls.


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Organization Supporters

Girls Inc. of the Northern Sacramento Valley thanks the corporate, foundation, and organization supporters that have helped make us successful:

» Hero

» Rose Crain

» Mentor
» Advocate


» Crown Motors Redding

» Dignity Health

» Enjoy Magazine

» iFoto Photo Booth

» M&S Properties – Dudley’s Excavating

» Red Lion Hotel

» Redding Subaru

» Walker Printing

» Ally

» Judy Salter

» Law Offices of Kirk M. Manuel and Katherine M. Conrad Manuel

» MD Imaging, North Valley Bank

1000 Women Strong Membership

Thank you to the following for joining the 1000 Women (and plenty of good men!) Strong Membership Drive! This money directly supports the work that Girls Inc. of the Northern Sacramento Valley does in our community. With you in her corner…she is unstoppable!

» Alicia Young

» Amanda Rose Davidson

» Annette Wilson

» Ashley Kellogg

» Ashleigh Moore

» Bernice Corey

» Betty Doty

» Bonnie Hill

» Brande Moffatt

» Carmel Growney

» Cassandra Hensher

» Cassie Simons

» Catherine Low

» Cindy Lynn

» Cori Brown

» Courtney McElvain

» Courtney Haedrich

» Dan Davidson

» David Kehoe

» Deb Schoenthaler

» Donna Holscher

» Doug and Laura McHaney

» Douglas Wright

» Gloria Jean Moran

» Heather Wright

» Jamie Lovitt

» Janene Stricker

» Jason and Jana Parker

» Jennifer Dugan

» Jessica Bettes

» Jessie Woods

» Judy Salter

» Kate Gray Tioran

» Katherine Mouzakis

» Kathy Hill

» Kathy Kakluchi

» Kimberly Ross

» Kristen Schreder

» Linda McBride

» Lynne Bonetti

» Mara Copeland

» Margaret Palin

» Matt & Jennifer Fawver

» Melissa Brown

» Michael Dacquisto

» Nancy Cook

» Natalie Peterson

» Patricia Dick

» Rachel McVean

» Robyn Seamans

» Rosanna Redding

» Rose Crain

» Ryan and Alyssa Denham

» Samantha Davidson

» Sara Letton

» Stacy Gotham

» Tai Bickert

» Tina Dacquisto

» Tina Gunsauls

» Vicki Mrozowski