August 2017

We seek to serve all girls, both the underserved girls with difficult home lives and the girls who seem to have ‘all’ the resources. They all face challenges.

Kate O’Rorke; “Be The Change” / Read Full Article



May 2016

We’re the only group up here addressing the whole girl: health and wellness, education, economic literacy, and empowerment in a safe, all-girls environment.

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May 2015

I am honored to be recognized by Girls Inc., particularly for this award which is named after my good friend, mover and shaker Barbara McIver. Growing up in Tehama County, I really wanted to be a part of building an organization and a movement that helped our girls value themselves and realize their potential in life, both within and beyond the boundaries of our small communities. Girls Inc.’s mission of inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold really speaks to my heart.

Amy Schutter; “Red Bluff Women Win Girls Inc. Awards” / Read Full Article