Why Girls Only?

The unique environment - explicitly pro-girl, girls-only, and physically, socially and emotionally safe - confirms that girls can succeed. In a pro-girl environment, girls’ strengths and opportunities are celebrated, girls develop positive relationships with girl peers and women mentors. While girls may lack opportunities for leadership development in mixed-gender environments, in girls-only spaces, all leadership positions within the organization are filled by girls. At Girls Inc., girls are taken seriously for the persons they are now and the women they will become.

  • Girls today face real and profound challenges to their well-being and success, including sexual harassment and violence, inequitable access to education, mental health issues, teen pregnancy, and limiting stereotypes and messages.

  • Girls living in poverty are at increased risk of chronic health and psychological disorders, higher rates of violence and crime, lower rates of high school completion, and limited access to economic and social capital necessary to thrive.

  • Girls-only spaces are designed with the unique needs of girls in mind, provide girls physical and emotional safety, increase girls’ self esteem and positive decision making, create social support networks, and allow girls to discover their strengths and their voices.

  • Pro-girl, girls-only spaces nurture and celebrate the strengths girls bring to the table and confirm that girls can succeed. In pro-girl, girls-only environments, girls’ concerns are valued and respected and all leadership positions are filled by girls, allowing for girls to develop and thrive as leaders.

  • Girls Inc. focuses our efforts on those girls who could benefit the most from the comprehensive Girls Inc. experience: girls in low-income and under resourced communities. In doing so, we equip girls with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to improve their lives, break the cycle of poverty, and strengthen their communities as a whole.